Fairs and more – We organise big Events

Yachts are suitable for events of all kinds, especially for big events such as trade fairs & Co. Yachts can serve as exhibitor space. Together with CheckSailing you can create stunning events no matter what size, If you want something different, if you want to do a new kind of event. Then you are right with us. We organize and even more – organize together with you your next big event.

People will speak about this Event!

Big Events with CheckSailing

Public Exhibitions
Use yachts as stands. Sounds easy , also is easy. We will take care to create a unique event and great experiences

Trade Shows
A suitable yacht for every area. We will make your yacht event possible. International fairs will be even easier to organise for you

Events with workshops. We work closely with local suppliers worldwide. We have trainers who address every problem and work through them in a workshop with your customers as well as employees. We also like to work together with your internal trainers to design the right event for you

Sales travel
Sales tours of a different kind. We offer sales trips on yachts. We make sales trips interesting and create a relaxed atmosphere for your customers

Alternative measuring
Everything is possible at Yacht Events. We adapt every idea to our concept. Together with you we develop large events and trade fairs worldwide. Why not a yacht?

No minimum or maximum number of participants
We have the right locations for every event

Including yacht, skipper & host
Our events include a skipper, responsible for the ship and a host, responsible for the food and cleaning



On Request

Extra activities
All our events can be flexibly expanded with activities for your employees. As needed, we offer you a variety of additional activities for your event. From water skiing to snorkeling,. Everything can be included. From activities on the water, in the water as well as wine tours and scooter trips ashore.

Restaurant Visits
We are happy to organize your visits on shore for you. Furthermore you can choose between delicious meals on board your yacht or visiting the numerous restaurants and bars on shore. We can also organize and coordinate menus or a la carte dinners for you inclusive.

We work with local suppliers and can arrange larger locations along the Yacht Route or Marinas. We coordinate the entire event for you and make sure everything goes according to your wishes.

And much more, because everything is possible!

Your Alternative is a Yacht Event