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Generations Offer

A trip for the whole family. Our generations offer ensures that everyone gets their money's worth. Every time an experience for everyone on board.

A journey for every generation - so everyone has fun

In June, up to 8 people will travel together to Dubrovnik, in the south of Croatia. On a family yacht that leaves nothing to be desired. To make it comfortable for everyone, the accommodation is designed for different generations, including air conditioning, so it has the right temperature for everyone, no matter how hot it is outside. The journey starts and ends in Dubrovnik. For 8 days long you discover the most beautiful corners and bays of Croatia all according to your wishes. Whether lonely island, sandy beaches or shopping trips in busy cities everything is possible.

The only thing you have to take care of is the arrival and the food on board. To avoid the burden of cooking for the whole family, your family yacht comes not only with a captain but also with its own cook. He takes care of the shopping based on your budget and makes sure that only what you want, is served. He will also help to organise restaurant visits. So make sure you also have a little time for yourself, the crew takes over the childcare for you on two evenings. So all generations can enjoy a relaxed holiday.


Family Yacht




Evening Childcare



12,200 €

Per Boat

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