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Party Offer

A week full of unforgettable parties and experiences. A floating hotel with 5 of your friends in Spain on the island of Mallorca. We organize your very unique party trip.

The party trip you won't forget

7 nights and every evening a different location, together with up to 5 friends you travel to Palma on the island Mallorca. The party paradise offers every day a new experience at a different place. So that you and your friends can easily get from Club A to Bar B, your accommodation is a floating hotel, a party yacht, all for yourself. The only thing you have to take care of is the arrival and provisioning. To make the provisioning easier you have your own cook on board for the actual preparation on board. Depending on your budget, the cook will take care of the shopping and the preparation, so nobody has to start the day hungry, no matter when you wake up.

So that you don't arrive thirsty at the next party, we will equip you with an incredible drinks package for the whole week. So you won't be sitting on dry land. Your party yacht is equipped with air conditioning so that you don't sweat in Mallorca in August. Enjoy one week holiday, one week parties and your very own captain that will take you to the top party locations of Mallorca.




Drinks Package


Party Yacht



10,200 €

Per Boat

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