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Vegan Master Academy

Starting June 1st you can secure your Early Bird spot, the first 8 participants will receive a spot on the luxury catamaran as well as a CheckSailing goodie bag!

Welcome to the Vegan Master Academy in Mallorca 2023! Here hobby cooks do not come too short: In the first week of May you have the opportunity to participate in the Vegan Master Academy. Whether you already live vegan or want to do without animal products more often for the sake of the environment, everyone is welcome at the Vegan Master Academy in Mallorca. Under the guidance of chef Jonathan Wittenbrink as well as Larissa Andres, owner of the restaurant JOLA's in Vienna, you will learn everything about vegan cuisine. All-inclusive on board a yacht in Mallorca, take part in an extraordinary cooking academy! Be quick, limited number of participants 24 people

Everyone is welcome at the Vegan Master Academy!

If you have always wanted to know more about vegan cuisine or already live or cook vegan yourself, then you should definitely be there in the first week of May 2023.

With admirable ease, the well-known chef Jonathan Wittenbrink, together with Larissa Andres, will conjure up the most amazing dishes on your plate in a very quick & easy way. From light dishes like fruity gazpacho to hearty things like pasta or lasagne, everything is included. The professional chef has a great selection of different dishes ready for you during the Academy. They fit into any daily routine, no matter how tightly scheduled. Experience a vegan training of the special kind and be there with the Vegan Master Week Academy in Mallorca.

Training modules Academy
Basics for the fast everyday kitchen
Basics in vegan preparation Small and simple vegan dishes
Vegan soups & sauces
Simple vegan favorite salads
The uniqueness of vegan main courses
Sweet vegan dishes
Excursions to local vegan producers in Mallorca
Vegan Dinner in a Top Restaurant in Mallorca

Limited to 24 participants, so secure your spot now for the Vegan Master Week Academy with CheckSailing 2023.


Days training


Cooking locations




Food included

1,490 €

per participant


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