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Golfing of a different kind – Our Golf holiday

You love golf and are looking for a golf holiday for 2020, then this is something for you. Together with us, next year to the Golf & Boat Event. That means your hotel always gets to where you are. Playing in the most beautiful Golf Clubs of Gibraltar and Spain […]

Seasickness – Will I get seasick when being on a Yacht Charter?

Many sailors who even sail for years also suffer from seasickness, a subspecies of motion sickness. Nevertheless, they still enjoy their hobby. Therefore, one can say, yes you can be at seasick a yacht charter. But with some knowledge and preparation, the problem is easy to fix.

A yacht for every occasion

A yacht for every occasion – Our special sailing trips! We organize yachts for various occasions, such as Honeymoons, Bachelor celebrations but also alternative time offers such as yacht-short trips or special corporate events. CheckSailing organizes your suitable yacht for your personal event. We are happy to send you an […]

Sailing as an Alternative – Teambuilding Events

Another way of Team Building – Sailing as an Alternative! A study confirms that sailors are good team players. And we can confirm that aswell, but not the sailing itself made us good team players, the joint work on board did. Only those who are attentive and pay attention to […]

Our most popular Sailing Destinations

Our most popular Sailing Destinations Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Caribbean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Algarve, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Brittany, France, Bay of Biscay, Guadeloupe, Cape Verde, Lesser Antilles, Sailing in the Australian Coral Sea, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Martinique, USA West Coast, Key West, […]

Why a Teambuilding Trip with us?

Your Event – Our Yacht Seminars, Conferences, Executive Retreats, Incentive Programs, Team Building Events but also Company or Organization Milestones we offer the event and the location you where looking for. Why not a Yacht as Event Location or maybe many Yachts? – Our B2B Events are not limited to […]

Your private Bike & Boat Event

With CheckSailing to our Bike & Boat Package, every model is welcome. A private guided motorbike tour through the most beautiful areas of the world and with it your own floating hotel. Accompanied by a yacht for your personal luggage, you can enjoy your motorcycle along the coastal roads of […]

Ever thought of a private sailing holiday?

Ever thought of a holiday of a different kind – maybe Private Sailing Trips? If you ever wanted to try something different, CheckSailing is the perfect choice! CheckSailing offers individuals without any sailing experience the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday on a yacht. Sounds expensive, but it is not. […]

Why should I add a host to my booking?

Why should I add a hostess to my booking? A hostess is the ultimate addition for taking your week to the next level. Our hostesses are culinary trained, pamper you daily with freshly prepared dishes and then clear them up again for you. A hostess, we would say  – A […]

What is a Skipper?

What is a Skipper? Your booking includes a skipper, if you also want to have a bit of culinary diversity on your board, you can also book up on request a hostess. Your professional skipper and hostess will accompany you on board the whole week to ensure that you have […]