Hosts – Your culinary Add-on

Responsible for the Delicious Food on Board

Your host or hostess is responsible for your food and meals. That means breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything you need can be arranged. Our hosts make your everyday life easier, you take care of your food shopping and make sure that nothing is missing.

Keeps the interior and bathrooms clean

The host is responsible for keeping the saloon, the yacht living room clean and tidy. For a feeling like coming home yourself. Just lay everything and let it stand.


Food adapted to Wishes and Needs

Our hostesses are trained chefs, they are long-time hosts and are completely geared to your dining needs. Adapted to allergies and diets, our hosts take care that nothing is missing.

Trained Chefs

All our hosts and hostesses are qualified chefs. In addition, they are a great asset for your sailing trip. They take care of reservations and help you enjoy your holiday even more.


Inclusive Sailing Knowledge

All of our hostesses also have sailing knowledge and are a useful hand on board your yacht. Their focus is on cooking, but they’ll probably take the wheel for 10 minutes if you want to enjoy a quick coffee.



Suitable to go together with a Skipper

Our hosts work perfectly in a team with our skippers, many have worked together several times and complement each other ideally. Host & Skipper on board is an experience you should treat yourself