• “”A tipster always acts in the interest of the future host. The long-term bond and trust comes before the commission”.”
  • “Not quick money, but long-term additional income is the goal for our tipsters”

The commission scheme of the tipper

Compensation components:

  • The tipster can easily submit a tip via our website https://www.checksailing.com/en/tell-your-friends-bonus/. This tip will either be forwarded directly to the registered travel advisor or, if no travel advisor is known, to an independent travel advisor.
  • In the course of submitting a tip, the tipster is registered in our system with his unique email address. The tipster will also be contacted at this email address for the payment of his commission.
  • The travel consultant contacts the named tip/future host and arranges a travel party or a travel consultation. From all sales generated within the scope of this consultation or travel party, as well as the subsequent sales of the guests present for the next 3 months from the implementation of a travel party, the tipster receives 3% of the gross sales.

The payout scheme of the tipper

  • The payment of the tipster commissions is collected monthly and transferred at the end of each month from the total of all tips with sales to an account specified by the tipster.


  • The actual commission regulation incl. payment plan is part of the travel advisor contracts and is internally referred to as “Commission Regulation-Annex 2”.