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Rocks in the surf – How can I donate?

Every donation counts – Join now and give back time! You want to say thank you to your personal rock in the Corona crisis? Then give him/her the well-deserved time out with your donation! How you can do that? Donate now at:

We want to make our contribution in this severe crisis. Together with you we can give back much more time: No matter what contribution, every donation counts and helps us to send even more heroes on an unforgettable journey. One week on a yacht in Croatia from May 15 – 22, 2021 including delicious food, own skipper and cook on board as well as heroic holiday activities and of course transfer from Austria to Croatia. Translated with (free version)

They are there for us – we want to be there for them too!

Help us to give the rocks in the surf something to look forward to, something that will continue to give them strength to do good. Donate a travel place worth € 850,- for your very personal Rock in the Surf or make this unique holiday experience possible for the heroes of the Corona Crisis with a free donation of your choice.

You can become a part of the project from € 10 and give back time to all the rocks in the surf, for € 850 you can book a travel place for your personal hero or heroine and for € 5.590 you can even send 8 people together on a yacht to Croatia.

Of course we also want to thank you for every donation and therefore we have come up with some great donor gifts for you – from a rock in the surf shirt to a professional sailing jacket. Together we can achieve more!