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As a travel agency we want to give back time

We have used the last weeks during home office to think about how we as a company can help in these difficult times. As a travel agency it was clear – a journey for all heroes of this crisis is needed. Therefore we are very happy to present you today our fundraising campaign “Rocks in the Surf”. 

No matter if nurses, commercial staff or neighbours: everyone has his or her own personal rock in the surf, without which the current situation could not be mastered. Countless heroes help many people every day with their different activities and abilities: We want to bring them in front of the curtain and tell their story. 

These rocks in the surf are giving their time right now for others who need help. We would like to thank them for this and give back time in the form of a yacht holiday, because heroes  also need to recharge their batteries.

With your support we can give back time to 32 heroes of the Corona Crisis, where they can recharge their batteries. The time off, which all our rocks in the surf have more than earned: One week on a yacht in Croatia, May 15-22, 2021.

Every contribution helps: Support a time-out for all heroes with a small thank you or support your rock in the surf to go on this extraordinary holiday experience.

CheckSailing: As a travel agency we want to give back time

We want to use our resources to give back some time to as many rocks in the surf as possible and say thank you.  They are there for us now – we want to be there for them too!

One week for true heroes and heroines including delicious food, heroic activities and transfer from Austria to Croatia. In addition to organizing the trip, we also provide free skipper and cooks for the trip. In addition, we cover the travel expenses for one hero or heroine per boat. We want to give rocks in the surf the possibility to look forward and to look forward to something. Support us now – it is time to give back time!

Your rock in the surf: send your hero or heroine on a journey

Give your personal Rock in the Surf this unique holiday experience: With a contribution of €850,- you enable your Rock in the Surf this extraordinary journey. After your donation, simply send us an e-mail to with the following content:

– Name and contact details of your Rock in the Surf

– A personal explanation why he or she has made your everyday life in the Corona crisis easier

– A personal message to your hero or heroine

– Gladly also a photo of your rock in the surf (optional)

We will then contact your heroes and introduce them with their consent on our project and Facebook page. In addition, they will receive a personal invitation to their heroes’ journey with your personal message. If you don’t want to nominate a person explicitly, every small financial contribution will make this time out possible for other heroes of this crisis. 

The CheckSailing financed trip place per yacht and all places that are financed by free donations will be awarded among all nominated rocks in the surf. Who decides? Of course you as a community! We want to hear all the stories of the heroes – send us e-mails, letters, drawings or Facebook messages.