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Yacht holidays – What does a day actually look like?

08:00 a.m. – You and your partner are already awake, the kids are still sleeping. The coffee is already running and you enjoy the view you have in front of your eyes, because you have, all by yourself, anchored in a bay and just woke up in paradise.

08:30 a.m. – The kids are finally awake too, but jumping into the water is much more important than breakfast. So first they splash around a bit!

09:00 a.m. – You decided to have your own cook, had the possibility to use self-catering, but you wanted to be prepared with the kids. So a delicious breakfast buffet is already waiting for you. Fresh fruits, homemade bread, eggs Benedict and also freshly baked pastry for the kids. That tastes good!

09:30 a.m. – While you are still sitting comfortably on board your own yacht, the skipper will get the boat ready for departure. The plan is a relaxed afternoon in the harbour town of Vis and then a delicious local dinner – Peka will be served, sailing time 2.5 hours

11:00 a.m. – Enjoy the breeze, read a book, the kids play card games in the shade and then we have a small snack and a glass of wine from the island of Vis to which we are going to.

11:45 a.m. – The kids want to get into the water – and you would also like to cool off a little. No problem, the skipper gives you two choices – a spontaneous swim stop in the middle of the sea or he knows a great bay 10 minutes away, which the kids will certainly love. We decide on the bay – let’s go.

11:55 a.m. – Our skipper hadn’t promised too much, because the small bay offers crystal clear water, hardly a soul, and then the kids can see the ice cream van directly on the beach, 30 m from where we have anchored. 

01:00 p.m.– We were all in the water – wonderful, the kids got their ice cream and you had the chance to cool down. Everybody is back on board and you decide to go on, because you were looking forward to a little walk in the city. Quickly told the skipper and he makes the boat ready to leave, and all on his own, but the kids really enjoy it so the skipper lets the kids help them depart. They were really proud afterwards. 

01:05 p.m. – And we are on our way again and lunch is already at the table, but you have chosen take-away, so the cook has put together an incredible lunch package for you to take with you on your exploration of Vis. From the very first look in the basket your eyes shine, fresh salad, fruits, homemade pasta, olive pesto, a bottle of wine, water and juice for the kids. And then a cool box with ice cream and chocolate cookies for you all as a surprise dessert!

01:15 p.m. – We docked in Vis. A charming town and we are right on the pier that runs along the whole town. Let’s go on an exploratory tour. The skipper has rented a small car for the island exploration at your request, the lunch package is packed and we start immediately. With a map and tips from our cook and skipper we spend a wonderful afternoon with the children on the island.

06:30 p.m. – Back again from a really cool island tour, now it’s time to get ready for dinner, because today we eat locally. The harbour has its own showers, but the kids decide to shower on board. Our cook and skipper have organized the whole evening for us, the two of them have somehow become part of the family. It is nice how well they get along with the kids and what fun the little ones have with them. So off we go to the restaurant.

09:30 p.m. – The restaurant was simply delicious. When we arrived at the restaurant the owner was already waiting for us, with a little schnapps. He tells us a little bit about himself and then we are brought to the table where a lot of starters are already waiting for us. So it went on the whole evening, simply everything was delicious and perfect. A long day comes to an end, you are back on board your boat, the kids are already in their beds and you enjoy a last glass of wine. So another day of your yacht holiday comes to an end.