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A unique vacation for anyone who is vegan or interested in the vegan diet!

One summer night, I was sitting with a dear friend of mine on the couch in my living room, both of us sipping on a homemade juice, having a typical ladies talk, when out of the blue I said to her “you know, for about 3 months now I have been in the process of changing my diet. I am trying to experiment with a vegan diet which is going pretty good so far”, she nodded like she was confused about the point I was trying to make, since that was pretty normal for her, due to the fact that she has been on a vegan diet for a couple of years. I continued with a little smile on my face and said, “well whenever I think of going on vacation this summer, I ask myself if I would be able to find any restaurants that offer good vegan food, or will I just fall back to eating what is common to eat in that area”

Let me tell you.. my desperation at that time was real ...

So, long story short and a couple of years later, I decided to just be bold and create my own event. I wanted it to be something unforgettable, something that I haven’t seen anyone else do before, at least not that I have heard of.



A 7 day all vegan food vacation on a yacht! BOOM!

You heard it right and this is what is awaiting you:

  • a professional vegan cook on board
  • active cooking 3-4 hours everyday and learning along about all the tricks and tips
  • yoga everyday, to loosen up and start the day right
  • local market visits with the whole group and the cook
  • your own free time off to explore the city, take a swim or read a book
  • connecting and exchanging ideas with like minded people
  • learning about different cultures and stories
  • no headaches about where to go or what food to buy because everything is included in the prize


CheckSailing Premium Plus Yacht - Zimmer


Where are you taking me?

We are taking you to Mallorca, Spain! I know what you are thinking.. „oh no, a party location?“. Don‘t worry, we will absolutely be at peace. We want to focus on your education and relaxation.

What does the actual cooking class look like?

You will be helping and cooking together with the cook where you get to ask him everything you want to know about vegan cuisine, also throughout the day we will give you cooking challenges, little tasks that you have to solve on your own or in a group.

Where will I stay?

Your entire trip will take place on board a sailing yacht, you will be accommodated in a double cabin with another trip participant (of course only women with women and men with men). You can always take a break on board!

How do I come on board?

We cannot wait to see you on board !